Friday, 31 August 2012

Career Shifts: The heart of it!

Hello everyone .. I hope you're having a wonderful Friday :)

Today we'd be talking about a 'decision' that would change your life, for better or worse? We'll see...

When you look at a person; after judging him based upon his looks and knowing him a little, what is the next thing you come to know about the person? TALENT. Skills take you places but Talent brings you at the right place~ where you must be!

Many of us, in our teens or at later stages have faced peer/parental pressure to choose the 'right' career path. Some of us are blessed to make our own path while the rest of us fiddle with the 'common' career options or go along the comfortable road. What if you're given an option to shift your career at this instant. Would you? Do you have the courage to listen to your heart or you can't think of disappointing the society?

Remember this ~ Its never too late to do something you LOVE

Recipe of a responsible career shift:

Knowing what you love!



The right approach to make it work!

Not giving up

So buckle up and ask yourself- Are you happy with your current job/career? If you're still thinking or making excuses.. then you already have the answer!

How to start?

First off, Rome wasn't built in a day! Don't just work towards building a new career but really put in your best. 

1) Talk- Talk to friends & family and see what they have in mind. Sometimes a third person opinion is very important: write to experienced professionals and carefully procrastinate your choices.

2) Plan- Once you've talked to everyone and are having a better view of what you had in mind, plan! Your next step must be to approach companies; e.g. if its a corporate field, then the best place to start is google! Google with all the keywords which you can think of. Go to recruitment portals (Like, make your profiles, leave your resumes, fax them, mail them.. Do whatever you can, to be noticed! If you talk to 100.. 10 would definitely reply! Number doesn't matter :)

3) Grab it- Flexibility is the key here. Right now, you might not have enough opportunities so 'Yes' should be your Mantra. Say yes to every opportunity. :) 

But never, at any cost, let your work compromise your beliefs. Keep this thing in mind- You have chosen something better for yourself, something where you'd be happy so make the right choices in a better way! :)

The stage is your's and you're alone... An artist must be alone to see his victory!
Work with the fashionable approach ~ Less is More.. Start with little and make it big!!! :)

You have ONE life.. Don't compromise on your happiness.. Do what you love..Be happy! :)
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Friday, 24 August 2012

Life amidst Chaos: Can you handle it?

It is said that people dwell into old habits and comfortable past to avoid the messiness of uncertain future.
What they forget is that the 'little' present that they have is the known reliever of both past and present. If you find yourself weak in certain situations or unsure about the doings related to life and work, then 'Starting over again' with/without external help could be helpful.

Today, I'd like to show you some intricate choices of quotes and words that would not only enlighten you but also tickle the funny bone! :D

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Extra Mile

"The three greatest essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hardwork; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense" ~ Thomas A. Edison

You got a job. It pays you well. You are happy. ~ Initially. Is it sufficient? Would it make you suffice the tremendous amount of pressure and workload of the Corporate world? The Answer: NO

Hard skills are easily found: anybody who is a nobody would be able to fulfill their tasks and do machinery work but what makes you stand out is the Sustained Cultivation of Soft Skills. Soft skills are an important part of any industry irrespective of the type of job. We have shortlisted SEVEN BASIC soft skills required for you to live a 'decent' corporate life while making you distinct in the milieu of the monotonous routine.

DETERMINATION- Never Underestimate it!

The seven soft skills (in no order) are:

  1. Personal Integrity- Its in the Handbook of Life to love thy neighbor but one must never compromise in one's beliefs. What morals you have, how to implement them, how to look after others as well as yourself goes down the drain, once you are in a conflicting situation. Honesty is the foundation of respect in any organization. Be honest to your work, your colleagues and to yourself.

  2. Team Spirit- What two can't do, a team can do! Lets just say, its the face of any good deal between companies. Mutual support and recognition, solving interpersonal conflicts and maintaining decorum earns you corporate points; not to mention a better job security!

  3. Good Attitude- There is a difference between good attitude and right attitude. You might have the right attitude to succeed but you need a good attitude to sustain! Good graces and harmonious nature never gets unnoticed.

  4. Time Management- We may write stories and build presentations around this topic but no one can manage Your time. A responsible and well enlightened person would know which situation requires hard-work and where you can get your way to smart-work! Plan career events and continuously improvise on them. Problems come unalarmed and that is the actual time to show you're an asset to your organization!

  5. Interpersonal Skills- You sit, stand, talk, discuss, smile, work- someone is noticing you always! These include, body-language, communication & listening skills, decision making, problem solving etc. Those who Are confident, Look confident and are taken seriously for the job. Be assertive and look for possible cues from others, that might hamper your image in the company.

  6. Grooming- While grooming includes structured clothes & well set hair but is not limited to dressing sense only! You need to be able to present yourself well, according to or slightly above the dress code of the area of work and carry a pleasant smile as its the best asset anyone has :)

  7. Common Sense- Well its truly said, Common sense is uncommon! Think more & work less OR Think less & work smartly? I guess you have common sense ;) It lies in grasping the basic facts and just Knowing them! Needless to say, common sense is usually missing these days. People strive to just run in the cat race. Take a beat and think logically, don't be a puppet of others' opinions and provide simple solutions to everyday crisis :)

Do you have soft skills? We hope that you have learnt something from this post.
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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Most Innovative Careers

When choosing a career, what necessarily do you opt for, in it? Does the fat check at the end of every month lure you? or is it the sacred path of your ancestors that you walk by? or are you one of those who follows their heart?

It takes a lot of courage to do what you please and make it your profession! If you have a flair for something, if you really are the best at it, if you think you could untangle the complications of society and stand up for yourself then you are at the right place! For we, at Boomerang Plus believe in delivering the best career information by simply putting it out there. No hassle, No confusion! We hope to inspire you in choosing what brings out the best in you :)

We picked up the top 10 Most Innovative careers which are boosting the creative industry like never before. Read on to know more.

1. Graphic Designer 

Graphic Designing is becoming one of the most lucrative career option nowadays. Logo designs, catalog design, flyrs, brochure; Students have so many options to choose from, thereby exploring any creative media to boost their career; electronic media, animation, publishers, manufacturers, etc.

2. Fashion Entrepreneur

This is all-together a different niche within the fashion industry. It is a mix of both talent and skills; you can't get better than this! Cultivate your entrepreneurial skills and develop your creative side to make for a sound profession.

3. Professional Blogger

Become a professional blogger, write articles, get paid, gain sponsors and enjoy goodies from time to time. The biggest upside is that it just requires a laptop and a profound knowledge and inspiration on the topics you're good at! Just hold on to your thoughts and let them create magic while your readers splurge on your posts which builds traffic as well!

4. Photographer

Click. Capture. Create. If you have an eye for good pictures then you can turn this passion into profession. Work with elite fashion houses, commercial clients, journalists or be a wedding photographer. Get your work published and be dynamic!

5. Jewelry Designer

If you have the precision, patience, creativity and designing ability; you are in the royalty already! Besides cutting, polishing, engraving, etc. you need to have knowledge about computer aided design programs, photoshop, illustrator and other software.

6. Disc Jockey

We all have a thing for music but being a disc jockey is not to be taken lightly! You need to be very expressive, flexible and interactive; have to be in tune with the current trends & tastes and most importantly- know what your audience/clients like. You could play at radio stations or take a tour with famous artists. Remember, music is eternal so this field is here to stay!

7. Animator/ Professional Game designer

Contrary to popular belief, game designers are well versed with technology and what thrills the audience. They come up with diverse concepts and work their way with artists, programmers and engineers. An animator on the other hand, makes everything come to life! You got game? Play it!

8. Comic Strip maker

Tintin, Calvin & Hobbes, Garfield are a few of the very famous cartoon illustrations that we read or have read in the past! What distinguishes a writer or an author from a comic strip maker is, that he speaks through his drawings. Remember, you need to have excellent drawing skills and exceptionally well picture mindset. Nobody is asking you to draw a perfect silhouette, but stick to what you got and create something ticklish to the heart.

9. Web copywriter

If you have a way with the words, are super clear and concise in your ideas, have a little experience with writing then you've what it takes to be a web copywriter. The advertisements you see on the television, newspapers and on roads, is the work of a web copywriter. More you write & conceptualize, more you gain experience. Work from home or as a freelance, they get paid really well.

10. Art camp director

You go places if you are an Art camp director: like literally! Art camp directors are the people who plan and direct activities for camps around the globe. It may start from overseeing a camp and may also include camping along with people, meeting the staff, attend special events and chaperon dances! For this you require willingness to work, hunger to explore places and volunteer!

Did you find yourself in any of the above career choices? Do you have any other innovative career that you feel would help everyone? Please write below :)

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